Eduardo a. California

Dog Fighting In America

Dog fighting In America is more of a big of a problem scene back then and the only one that can change this is you Future President.

 Dear Future President,

The school that i go to is Health Sciences High, ( hshmc) & my name is Eduardo Aranda. The problem is that dogs are getting abused for money. Dogs are getting abused because when they're going through training when there about two or three years old. If they don't get it right they will mostly likely get wiped or even abandoned if they don't get it right in a couple of tries. Even some Celebrities adopt dogs for dog fights, such as Michael Vicka, A former Atlanta Falcons player who is now on the pittsburgh steelers. I think who ever adopt dogs for dog fights should be punished because dogs are dying because they may get to injured or even lose something important.

Maybe the solution could be is maybe we can raise the taxes for animals because if we only raise the taxes for dog adoption maybe they will stop dog fights or we put a camera in the caller of the dogs. Or they may just move to another animal i don’t know which one but it’s most likely cats. But the ones that own the animals will most likely going to still try to continue dog fighting.

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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