Samar S. Florida

Immigration Reform

This is a letter to our next presumptuous President, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

If you have the honor of becoming President of the United States of America, I expect you to hold true to your promise on Immigration Reform within the first 100 days of your office. I have been an immigrant in this country for 13 years and counting. I have been an immigrant under a pending Asylum case in court. The immigration system currently in place is very confusing and involves a difficult path to citizenship, especially for immigrants who are not proficient in English.

I have a replica of the declaration of Independence hanging in my room. Though I am not considered American, I think of myself as such because of how I have grown up in the U.S. While I cannot choose where I came from, I would like to choose where I go. I was not able to control where I was born or how my parents approached our immigration status until I came of age. I would like to ask you to construct a system that benefits children and younger immigrants, making the process to citizenship easier to attain.

You claim to be an advocate for the wellbeing of children, so I would like to see that in effect for immigrant children; those who did not choose how they got to this country. I look forward to seeing the reform. Thank you for listening and I sincerely hope that this serves as representation, both for myself and for other young immigrants such as myself.


Samar Shaqour

Mourning Senior High School

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