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immigrants are not bad

Dear President,

           I am a 9th grader who comes from an immigrant family. My dad went through the struggle to get here and when he got settled with me and my siblings. He almost got deported and it was a terrible time for my family. As president I hope there is a way you can change the way people look at immigrants.

          Immigrants are not bad. Everyone has ties to an immigrant. I am an immigrant but I work hard and my father who is an immigrant worked hard to get to where he is now. In most cases I believe immigrants work harder than natives. If a native has a disability and does not work the government will give them a disability check but if an immigrant has a disability they still have to work for their money.

         Immigrants come here to get away from violence, corruption, and to live a better life with their family. But when an immigrant finally get here they have to go through the struggle of getting legal. Immigrants often do not  get paid much. Immigrants believe that the United States is a lot better and that there is not much corruption but in reality there is just as much corruption. Immigrants are often mistreated. Reyes is an immigrant he says he was mistreated on the job years ago when he worked as a dishwasher in a pizzeria. The owner bullied the workers, called them names and threw utensils at them. Reyes asked a lawyer about suing and was told employers have the right to yell at their workers.

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