Logan Missouri


My views on Immigration

Dear Future President,

Immigration is a major issue in the United States of America. Although our country is made up of immigrants, it seems a lot of people believe that immigration is bad for our society and we should build a wall or stop immigration all together to prevent immigrants from coming not the U.S. I believe with the right background checks (which require quick and deep backround checks) many of our immigration issues will be solved.

In the presidential debate we heard a bunch about immigration and immigration policies. One of the candidates wants to build a wall to stop illegal immigrants from pouring into the U.S. borders. The problem with this is the us is already trillions of dollars in debt and this border cannot be cheap. As a country,  would it be smarter to go further in debt instead of finding a better way to prevent Illegal Immigrants? One way we may be able to reduce this problem significantly is by speeding up the process of allowing immigrants into our border. The way this can be helpful is because a lot of immigrants come into this country to start a new life and a lot of people cannot wait half a year to start a new life. The truth of the matter is, we have to fix this problem with our immigration system or nothing will change.

One more question i would have to ask deals with our influence on other nations. In an article from The Atlantic,  "Americas Immigration challenge" it stated that 'since 1991, the United States  has accepted more than 100,000 Somali refugees. Britain has accepted 100,000 as well. Some 50,000 Somali refugees were resettled in Canada". If we stop immigration and stop allowing others to stay in our country, will this influence other countries to not allow immigrants into their countries. I mean we are only the MOST powerful country in the world. What influence could we have?

My last issue has been a problem since the United States was created. It deals with what segregation and discrimination does to our country as a whole. As every one knows, right now we are dealing with a lot of hate crimes among our country nationwide. Since immigrants come from different place (meaning they may have different ethnicities or may be from a different race) how are we going to make them feel accepted into our country when we can't make our own citizens feel like they are being treated right? Maybe if we stop hate against our citizens who were born here, we may be able to stop hate against immigrants.

Immigration is what built this country and we cannot let problems about our immigration system tear our country about change. Whether it's discrimination or fear of us losing our jobs, immigrants play an important role in our country. If you can address these problems, I feel like our country would benefit from immigration.