Eric G. Missouri

School's In Keep Danger Out

According to the article: "We need to keep school safe for now on to protect our children.


November 2,2016

-School Safety-

Dear President,

    My name is Eric I am from Missouri, I am 15 years old in the ninth grade and Mr/s President I hope you read this and take action.

    School safety is very important, why are schools not protected more, Isn’t school salient. Most parents don’t want their kids dying from these crazed maniacs breaking into schools killing our kids, brothers, and sisters. School is for learning not for school shootings. Schools are very vulnerable now-days we can change that by having more guards in the schools instead of just having maybe one or two security guards in our schools. School is important and Education is not a privilege.

    Education is an obligation for all people around the world. That’s why we need schools protected more instead of using maybe two security guards schools should use two police officers trained. Instead of waiting for another tragedy in another school to happen again let’s start protecting them now, to keep these tragedies from happening.  This killing and violence honestly needs to stop because it's destroying the United States.

    We don’t want our kids dying before the age of 21. Schools act like there is no problem with violence but, it is it get’s people hurt in any kind of way you can think of, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The problem is that schools don’t see the real danger and harm in to threats and harmful people. How can help? We can help by having these schools protected more, more security, and a police station should be next to a school. If school is so important why don’t we protect it like it’s important.

    24.4% of active shootings are involved with schools. We should help school shootings from happening because we can save multiple lives from this. We need to keep the violence out of the United States of America. Sandy Hook was such a tragic we all wish it didn’t happen but, it did Parents lost family and this is why we need more protection in schools how do you think all those kids died. Give schools more protection. We come to school to learn, not to die.

    We love our brothers, sisters, and kids they are our family I don’t want them dying before the age of 21. If school is so important why don’t we protect it like it’s important, school is for learning and fun, it’s not for killing". Sandy Hook is #3 on the list for most deadliest mass shootings in U.S. History with 27 killed on December 14th, 2012. When are these school shootings going to stop? 

    There is a time when these school shootings will end and this time is now. Well Mr/s President it was nice talking to you I really honestly hope that you take action into making school a little bit more safer than it has been through the years, I honestly expect that you will take smart actions into school safety. Make America great again Mr/s President of the United States of America.

Sincerely, Yours Truly


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