Peter F. Missouri


Stricter border control should be put in place because of the many negative effects of illegal immigration.

Dear Future President,

Illegal immigration is a controversial subject. Some say that immigrants migrating to the US hurts us economically and some say it doesn't. I say that it does, and more energy should be used to keep illegal immigrants out and to deport those already here. 

People that come here illegally are from Mexico and have very little education and don't speak English well, if at all. It is really hurting our education system because they are put in a class with other kids their age, but are far more intellectually advanced than them, not to mention immigrants do suffer from a language barrier. James Meza Jr., the superintendent of Louisiana's Jefferson Parish School said, "they are usually at least two grade levels behind, but assessing their skills is difficult because they have few if any documents." An alternative school must be created so learning can be custom to the individuals that are behind.

Another reason illegal immigration is harmful is because illegal immigrants are flooding in take jobs and work for very low wages so none of the citizen workers get jobs. In the New York Times, Adam Davidson said " As long as there are thousands of undocumented workers competing for low-end jobs, salaries are more likely to fall than rise." They also use a bunch of social programs which increases the amount of taxes on everyone else.

I conclude that illegal immigration is harmful to our country and can hurt our economy. We should set up stricter border control and not only make it harder for them to get in but take illegal immigrants already in and deport them.