Julie S. Missouri


This is my view on immigration and what I think should be done in order to keep it under control.

                                                                                                                              October 27, 2016

Dear Future President:

             Immigration has become a very controversial topic in the United States, and with a growing number of immigrants flocking to America, it is time to take control. Due to the inflation of immigrants, both illegal and legal, our country is losing money and jobs. 

              It is 2016 and our country is in an immense amount of debt, our government allows any amount of immigrants to come into the U.S. and use our social security fund. This fund that should be used on Americans, is being spent on these immigrants. It is not fair that people that have just got here like 2 years ago get our needed money when people that are 50 and have lived here forever don't even see a dime. It is fine that these immigrants come over to this country, but we need some rules. Our government should only allow a certain number of immigrants to live here at a given time.

               "College educated immigrants are more likely to be employed than natives, and their children are more likely to complete a college degree." This quote, stated by The Atlantic, is very informative. It confirms what I have thought all along. We are allowing immigrants to not only take our jobs, but also our children's education. The biggest policy to put into place is a restriction act. You need to limit everything that immigrants are doing in the United States. Jobs, education, and money are the three biggest factors that need to be restricted. We need better laws put into play when it comes to allowing immigrants into the U.S. also. When it comes to illegal immigrants,  we need harsher penalties and more surveillance  on our borders. We need to make change and it needs to happen soon. 


                                                                                                                          Julie S.