Tiffany K. Missouri


Immigration is a very debated topic in today's world, and my belief on this is that it should be allowed with thorough checks and assistance if needed.

October 26, 2016

Future President of the United States,

I know that there are many concerning topics that will continuously be asked to and of you now that you have won the presidency. One of these topics is the one in which I will talk about: immigration. The topic of immigration is a highly debated piece as of here lately, and many wonder what your stand is on this matter. As for myself, I have the stand on the subject that immigration should be allowed, but with thorough background screening/checks and assistance for those who may need it. As a resident and descendant of those who have emigrated to this country, I am curious to see how you could possibly work towards this in the future.

In school, we have read and discussed many matters on immigration and whether it is seen as a good or bad thing to this “Melting Pot” country of ours. One article my class had went over was ‘America’s Immigration Challenge’ written by The Atlantic to help guide us toward our point of views, and also is what lead me to what I’ve asked upon you, Future President. From this article there was the quote of, “Poor information invites excessive fears, which are then answered with fake assurances and angry accusations,” to which I think hits the nail on the head for this topic. When immigration is mentioned, most times rather than fewer, it is brought up that this can lead to terrorists entering the country, which can then spark up fear among citizens and cause false accusations to be made against nice, non-extremist immigrants. With this happening, it shows how we, as a country, need to be more thorough with immigrants, so there is no possible way poor information or accusations can be shared against them. Thorough background checks and screenings of these emigrating people could definitely help to keep false information about terrorism or extremists in check, resulting in less fear and more truth being told though media and reports – helping to show my belief and give a suggestion of a way to work towards it.

Out of the many stories, articles, and videos my English 3 class read and watched, another article caught my eye to help support a near future where immigration is allowed with no exceptions, having both thorough check, as well as assistance for immigrants who may be in need. This article was titled ‘Problem for Some School Districts’ which was written and published by The New York Times and had many interesting points. One of these noticing points being the quote by James Meza Jr., the superintendent of Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish school system, that said, “Often, immigrant children have experienced difficulty or trauma, and they come to school with high levels of anxiety or fear.” This quote helps to connect to my belief on immigration by helping to give an account of how in some schools some children who have emigrated to our country need some kind of system to offer a way of assistance to help with difficulties they can have due to their education or even the home life they once had in their home country. Because of this connection, I can see how it would be important to try and create more systems to help children adjust to this country and way of life, as well as hope to show you, Future President, that it would be something worth working to achieve.

With many questions being formed around and based upon the issues with immigration, there are a lot of things that can come into play when it is mentioned. These things can be a matter of jobs being taken, benefits going towards them when it could go to others, and even the fact that some people or businesses will try to deny them work or trade just because they’re not originally from this country. Though some can believe in all of this and choose to be against the immigration of people, I don’t agree with this mindset. This is because, to me, immigrants work just as hard or sometimes harder for their life/lifestyle here and deserve to be treated equally. A quote from ‘Problem for Some School Districts’ from The New York Times that helps me with this disagreement is the quote, “We want an open and accepting culture for all, but resentment can build when limited resources are spent on undocumented people.” This quote ties in well with this since it talks about how we want to accept and help others into this country, but can’t do so to the point where others will turn against someone just for wanting a better chance at life. Giving it much concern, I hope our country, with you leading us, will choose a correct way to go about this to benefit everyone.

In conclusion, immigration can be looked at in a different light by millions of different people, but as a country we must come together to figure out a good decision upon this matter. After having looked over my belief that immigration should be allowed and accepted with thorough background screening and checks, and to offer assistance to those who need it after emigrating, I hope I can hear how you feel about this topic and what moves you would progress toward to continue on a process about this in our country. With this, I have faith that you’ll guide this country down a positive path and that you are well received while you serve in office. Thank you for taking your time to look over this highly debated topic and I’m grateful for how you may approach it during your term.