Irving E. Missouri

"Papers Do Not Define Who We Are"

In most communities of U.S. immigrants, specifically Mexican immigrants, are looked down upon and fear deportation.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

 I am a freshman in high school. I look forward to see America grow and see how you will handle the immigration system and the issues with immigration.

In most communities of U.S. immigrants, specifically Mexican immigrants, are looked down upon and fear deportation. The point I’m trying to get across is if it wasn’t for Donald Trump calling Mexican immigrants rapist, murderers, and drug lords there wouldn’t be people telling Mexican immigrants that they will call the police to deport them. In my community there is so many racist people, specifically whites and some blacks. When my family and I were outside in our front yard having a cookout and listening to music, a woman and her husband along with their kids pulled over and started yelling at us. They were telling us to turn off our music or else they would call the police to have us deported. They repeatedly started calling us “wetbacks” and for us to go back to our country. We stood there without saying a word. How can somebody be so rude to say something like that? They finally left and my family and I went back inside and didn’t talk about what happened. Basically what I am saying is why do countries define who we are? Everybody should have the same privileges. Even though I’m a Mexican immigrant, I am a human like everybody else. We’re all the same so where does my level of respect lie?

We, Mexican immigrants, do not understand why there are borders. Is it because they say we’re rapist? Is it because they say we’re murderers or is it because they say we’re drug lords? We feel as if they will never give us a direct answer. According to the article “Racism and Mexican Immigration” by Erica Munguia in conjunction with Washington State University, “Mexican immigrants are treated unfairly, and are not welcomed into the United States”. Basically what Erica Munguia is saying is that Mexican immigrants are nowhere near treated like Native Americans. Immigrants don’t have the same legal rights as Native Americans and are not allowed to enter the U.S illegally. At first sight people always seem to think of us Mexican immigrants as harmful people, but in reality we’re all just trying to give a better life to our family.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my letter of concern.

With anticipation,


Frontier STEM High School


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