James T. Missouri


Unemployment is hurting our country!

Dear Future President,

Unemployment has become a major problem in our economy and it’s hurting our country. The less people we have working, the less money we are bringing in or making as a community, state, and country. However, this shouldn’t consist of raising taxes or other selfish ideas. It’s pretty simple of what the solution is, we have to bring jobs back to America from overseas so we can actually pay our help.

The people that are here in America that are homeless don’t have jobs. Even some that do still can’t afford to live because everything is so high. According to the article, “Local Unemployment Statistics,” it states, ‘‘There were 700 job seekers at a job fair.’’ Most, if not all, homeless people want jobs, but they can’t get one because they’re not here anymore. It is sad, but yet we have people on welfare that are perfectly capable of working and making a living, but they get the easy life. This has to be fixed because our country is going down hill.


James T.