Vivian Massachusetts

Sex Trafficking Issues

My letter is mainly about the dangers and damages sex trafficking can do to the victim's lives and even the trafficker's life.

Dear next president.

My name is Vivian and I attend a Boston Public School. My topic is on sex trafficking in the United States.

During this research period of 1 week.   I've learned very valuable information that I thought I should share because of how horrific and serious this topic is. In my own opinion, I despise human trafficking and abuse from all the stories of victims I read and heard. It does tremendous damage to many lives and you can never be the same after. 

From what I saw, there are many different ways to start your new journey but it's so hard because there isn't just one place to start, there are various places to begin. Most people think it just happens to women, but it doesn't. I also think its terrible how people say that women need to dress more appropriate and be aware of there surroundings after they get kidnapped and brought into human trafficking but that's not it. People should get their act together and not lure and kidnap people to make their life a living hell. There needs to be an end to human trafficking and abuse because the more kids being sex trafficked the more lives are lost. Not only can you die from sex trafficking, you get into drug use, you can get diseases that are sexually transmitted but also life threatening ones because they haven't received the care that they need. This topic is extremely important because young lives are being captured and sold for money and they cannot do anything about it. 

One fact that I learned was that if there is no money involved in the traffic, the trafficker is responsible but if there is money involved, in most cases there is, the victim will be charged with prostitution if charged. This shocked me because no person really wants to sell their body for sex, they're either forced or they are in a crisis where they need money to support their family or just because they're on drugs and they have no idea what they're doing. To  be charged with something that you did not want to do is outrageous and disgusting because we are talking about peoples' lives that are being threatened. Many people in the trafficking "game" are abused or killed if they are not doing what they were told to do. This is no game! 

Another reason why sex trafficking is important because CHILDREN as young as 3 years old, are being sold and they aren't even old enough to realize what is happening until they are being abused.  I mean they still don't know because they are so young and if any grown person PAYS to have sex with a child, a women, or man should be ashamed and disgusted by what they are doing. Children should not deserve to be sex trafficked because their trafficker needs money. No women or man should be paid for either and they are old enough to know it's wrong if they are just doing it for money or for pleasure and stop instantly because the next time they do their job, they'll be cut up and found in an alley or even worse. 

Sex trafficking IS a problem and shall not be ignored anymore. No one knows about it because of how quiet people stay on an awkward topic like this.   ESPECIALLY adults!   I'm 15 years old and I am addressing the issue of sex trafficking since no one else is brave enough to stand up and talk about this constantly growing issue. Sex trafficking is wrong, dangerous, horrific, traumatizing, disgusting and should not be still growing.  If you are going to be the president of the United States what do you plan on doing?

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, Vivian