Brodie D. Missouri

Everybody Matters

A letter to the future president of the United States about how every single person matters.

Dear Future President,

Everybody matters. It shouldn't matter what color their skin is, or what they believe in, not even what their religion is. Everybody has a purpose on this earth and as the president of the United States you really should get that out there. You need to make everyone feel wanted, everyone feel needed. I don't know about you or anyone else but I'm sick and tired of all the careless killing or destruction to someone or something for no reason it needs to stop. U.S. police have killed AT LEAST 194 dark skinned people and that is from 7/7/16 today is 11/7/16 that means there are so much more than that. That is unacceptable. Someone needs to put a stop to this and obviously you're gonna be our best chance of making it stop. The U.S. is relying on you to help us get back on our feet. It seems like every week there is a death that could have been prevented and those are the worse deaths the ones you know you could've stopped. How about we just prevent all of it. It isn't fair for someone's life to be cut short due to someone being dumb yes even those police who just guns a blazing at someone just because they're black. This is a very serious situation and it seems as if no one cares anymore. So many people have lost their lives to this very dumb problem. Like I said earlier there is only one person who can do something about this and that is YOU future president. Please try to make a change about this terrible terrible situation.

                                                                     Sincerely, Brodie D.