Clayton B. Missouri


In my letter to you, I would like to explain the problems we have with immigrants who come over the border when they are not supposed to. They are bringing crime and problems into America that we don't need. They are taking jobs and money that American people that want a job could have. This letter is informing you of the problems they are causing in the U.S.

         November 2, 2016

Dear Future President,

I have been looking into the debates. You did bring up some good topics to think about, but you also argued with your opponent pretty often, so you never raelly answered the question that was bought up. When you were both asked a simple question, neither of you answered the questions with a direct response.

The thing I heard you both talk about the most is probably the immigration act. This needs to be fixed.  Every  year we have thousands of immigrants come in to the United States. There are some good people who come over, but there are also murders, drug dealers, rapists and many more coming over. One of you future presidents want to build a wall and one wants to have a open borders. The thing we should probably should do is go with Mr.Trump's idea and make a better wall where these immigrants cant get in. Make it where the people that have been waiting in line to come over legally should get in instead of the ones who are not. Hillary wants to have these open borders, but why would we have open borders when the US can’t support that many people.

When these people or immigrants come over and get caught, nothing happens to them. All we do is is send them back over the border without any kind of punishment. If there's such a big problem with these immigrants coming into America,  why not,  when we catch them, we do some kind of punishment so when we do send them back, they can tell all their little buddies and family that if they go and they get caught that they will get punished and it's not fun.

Some immigrants come  into America and tell their countries Information they can gather so they know more how to take us out or try to start a war. The information that they have been getting could been causing internet hacking lately, like here just a little awhile ago the whole east  coast internet was wiped out. Then, we had another cyber attack and we have no idea of who it was. So we need to start watching and keeping track of the people we are letting in.

Before I close my letter,  I want to to say we need to fix a big problem in our government. When the congress get into office, they don’t have to come out until they die. They sit in there and draw a check for there family and themselves until they die or have enough money to support them for the rest of their lives. The congress we have now are old and don’t know what we need as a law or what they should do. We need to have a limit on how long they are in office.  There needs to be something eone.