Dakota Missouri

Nuclear Energy

We need nuclear energy for a brighter future.

Dear (Next) President,

Currently in humanity we are facing a crucial energy crisis that threatens our society and our very way of life. We have a depletion of fossil fuels. If we invest federal money into finding other safe and clean alternatives for fossil fuels, I believe we can avert this crisis. While this certainly is not an easy task it must be done not just for the people of America but also for the people of the world.

Humanity has been facing more pollution complications than ever; most important is the thinning of the ozone layer. This problem has been progressing steadily since the 1970’s because of the releasing of greenhouse gases; it is changing the temperature of the earth and melts polar ice caps. This process is accelerating, what scientist believe, is a massive and drastic climate change. This process could end much of life on Earth.

I sincerely think the best of many ways this problem can be fixed is by investing money in nuclear energy. Nuclear power plants are cheaper, safer, and more effective than plants fueled by fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Along with the technological advancements in our current day in age we no longer have to worry about Nuclear Energy’s bad fluctuation or safety and instead recognize Nuclear Energy as the last, best, hope we have.


Dakota R.

Pattonville High School

Mrs. Raymond's Politics Persuasion & Law Class

4th Hour PPL

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