Carlos Massachusetts

What's the issue with Immigration

This letter speaks about the issue around the topic of immigration which is now a very important issue around the world.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

 I'm Carlos and I am writing a letter to you on immigration and its issues. My position on this topic is that well it is a problem.   But I don't think that it should be a very big issue.  I know that some people are saying that they are taking our jobs but we can say that they are coming illegal and there are reasons for that. 

My recommendation for this topic is not to build a wall because there are other ways to get over here. Really it should be like the airport, and immigrates should be asked why they are traveling over to a different area or what are they planning to do if they are allowed to come in. I say this because well most people think that this is wrong and yes it is somewhat wrong but if we were to deport the parents that are illegal and leave their kids, it is more cruel than them coming over here illegally. If we were to do this to every single person who falls into this category, they would really struggle because they would have to go through the process of getting naturalized or having stereotypes that would affect them. 

 This issue is always an issue because it is happening 24/7.  U.S immigration has been around since 1965, which is 51 years. If something has been around for this long, it has to be very important. If there are issues that has been around for a long time and hasn't been properly solved then whoever gets elected should be able to properly solve this.   Not by a wall or by putting more immigration laws but a different method . Birthright citizenship, Law of blood, Law of soil, and etc. are things that kind of protected immigrants but what is the bad side of those laws?  Now I hope the upcoming president can address this obstacle so that this wouldn't be an issue that will carry on for more than 60 years.