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United States Air

A letter about air pollution in the U.S.A

U.S.A: United States Air

Dear future President,

Are you aware that 47% of your citizens live in cities with dangerous air pollution levels? That's almost half of our country taking in poison every time they take a breath. Air pollution levels are dangerously high and not enough is being done to help lower the emission levels. The ozone is being damaged by our ways. There's even a thinning in the ozone layer known as the "Antarctic ozone hole". If this 'hole' opened up enough then the sun's U.V. rays would get through and harm us and the Earth, destroying whole species. I say it's time for a change, we only get one Earth.

In 2013 around 42% of U.S. citizens lived in an area with dangerous pollution levels. According to that number rose to 47% by 2014. That's up by 5% in just one year. At that rate in just 10 years almost all of America would be living in polluted areas. Something needs to be done to lower these emissions while we still can. There are  several ways you can help reduce air pollution like by advocating carpooling as a way of transportation. This would reduce the number of cars people use thus reducing the amount of exhaust entering the air. You can reduce it by conserving energy so you can come up with new programs that would put in place new ways to reduce our energy use as a country. You could ban products such as hairsprays, certain deodorants, and even some shampoos, since they harm our environment. As the president of our country you hold the power to influence its citizens towards a change for a brighter future.

One of the biggest contributors to air pollution was the electric power plants all through America. According to they account for 32% of total pollution in America. That's more than any other industry. We need an alternative source of energy or another way to harness it. If we keep up like this we're going to destroy our only chance for a better tomorrow. Americans need to step up and set the example for the world to follow. 

 So no matter where you stand on other political issues this is one that can't be ignored. This is much bigger than just you or even just this country. Our pollution affects the world itself and everyone and evrything that populates it. If you choose to ignore the issue now, when it becomes priority it'll be too late. Lead by example and people are sure to follow.


Nate Rhinebolt

Carman-Ainsworth High School

Carman-Ainsworth High School

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