Haley C. Montana

Adoption not Abortion

My goal in this letter is to announce my reasons on why I personally think that abortion is a cruel thing to do and shouldn't be legal.

Dear President,

As you probably already know, abortion has been a big argument for such a long time now and has caused such contention. Volunteers have sacrificed their own free time to protest against something that they believe is not human, and I must say that I agree with them. There are obviously different opinions on both sides, but maybe some aren't thought through enough. One of the biggest reasons why so many are against it is most likely a reason you have heard repeatedly, that it's “murder” and shouldn’t be aloud. But there are more reasons behind the judgement us protesters have against abortion.

I might as well maintain the reason of thinking it is murder considering that it is the most vocal reason. What is the difference between killing a living human being who have had years of life, and killing a human child who hasn’t even had the chance to live their life. People of all ages are constantly being reminded that “every life matters”. Well what about the lives of those infants that are being taken from them without them even having a say or a chance with a life. No civilized society permits one human to intentionally harm or take the life of another human without punishment, and abortion isn’t or shouldn’t be much different. According to etymonline.com, the definition of a “murderer” is “a person who commits murder; a killer.” With the fact that the legalized doctors and surgeons take the life from an unborn child, wouldn’t that count as a murder? This fact kinda lays out the image that some people go to call to possibly become murderers, does it not? Womanissues.about.com remind us that “abortion can later result in medical complications later in life.” The possible complications could be ectopic pregnancies doubling, and the chance of a miscarriage and pelvic inflammatory disease also increases.

The word abortions mainly came from the Latin word “abortionem” which means the “miscarriage of a child, procuring of an untimely birth. Or the word “aboriri” which is to miscarry. These two words then form the word “abortion” with the definition of “the explosion of the fetus before it is viable.”(Douglas) By taking a simple word that is known as the death of an unborn child on accident, they formed a word that was the passing of a fetus on not on accident, but merely by decision. Back in the 1630’s the deliberate miscarriage was a criminal act.(Douglas) Nowadays it is legal. Not necessarily to purposely have a miscarriage, but to go through with the abortion procedure. The problem that is related to abortion is whether or not it should be made/kept legal. There is a never ending list on either side of the argument.

I understand that there are sadly so many woman out there who have been sexually abused and got pregnant without wanting to. Many claim that having a child at an early age or an unexpected time can ruin most if not all future plans that you had. Knowing this, many sexually abused victims will jump to conclusion that abortion is the smartest way to go. What everyone needs to realize is that the living child that is growing inside of the mother's womb is as innocent as it gets and shouldn’t be punished. The only person that deserves punishment is the assaulter. I have heard so many times that “The woman gets to chose what she does with her body.” I totally agree with that! But I must agrue that the fetus isn’t “her body”, it is its own body, its merely just “in” her body. Who gets to decide whose life is more important than others?

According to newhealthadvisor.com, most doctors suggest that the mother should be at least 13 weeks pregnant before she considers getting the abortion done. Most argue that at 13 weeks the infant is just a fetus and shouldn’t technically be called a child quite yet. But an argument posted on Youtube.com made some very interesting facts. He explained that only at 8 weeks the fetus will start sucking on its thumb, it shows signs of reacting to sound and evidence is building that they dream. The crazy thing is that the speaker pointed out that the fetus at only 8 weeks may I remind you, will recoil from pain. Why? Because at 8 weeks ALL major organs are functioning.

As someone who is very religious, my view on abortion stretches as far as the premortal life, where everyone was before they were sent here on earth. I am sorry in advance if I offend you or anyone else who decides to read this when I talk about religion, but I find it very important in a situation like this. I believe that we are all sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven and he and Jesus Christ created this earth for ALL of his sons and daughters to be a part of this planet that we call home. We all have a plan made for us before we are even sent here to fulfill it. How is it fair that woman now get to decide who gets to have a chance at completing their plan of happiness and who does not? I understand that infants in the first trimester of pregnancy clearly cannot decide something like that for themselves, but think to yourself “what if they could?”

I feel like a good conclusion and replacement of abortion is something the protesters have been pushing for, adoption. Yes that would mean that the mother would indeed have to go through with the pregnancy and birth, but it also means that she has created and saved a life. If she would go through with abortion with the reason of not wanting a child to raise at the moment then she could easily give that job to someone who does want it and possibly can’t even have a child of their own. Studies have shown that 8% of women who go through with abortion eventually regrets it and deals with depression throughout their life according to WomenIssues.about.com. Im sure its hard to give up a child for adoption but wouldn't it be more calming to know that they are in a good place instead of no place at all? I hope you now see and understand my point when I claim that abortion is wrong and shouldn’t be legal. Thank you for your time.


Haley C.

Billings, Montana

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