AdesojiTiamiyu New York

Letter to Our Next President

There are multiple issues in America today but I feel like gender equality is most urgent.

Dear Mr./Mrs.President,

The biggest issue facing America today is gender equality. Many people are being killed and prejudiced against because they are apart of the LGBTQ society, their identity, or their sexual preference. Did you know that a monitoring agency in Europe found out that at least 1,700 people apart of the LGBTQ community have been killed since 2008 in Central and South America. In addition, 249 people apart of the LGBT community were murdered from 2006 to 2010 in Peru. This issue is important to me because I feel bad for people who get discriminated and they have no one to stand up for them. There hasn't actually been an incident with me involved with this but I feel like more awareness should be raised for these people.

One solution to this LGBTQ discrimination issue is making more laws to support the people of this society to give them more reassurance to be themselves. Another solution is enforcing the laws that are made by making police officers properly investigate the situation if they encounter one. In the future people should stand up so that this issue would not be the issue that it is today in my opinion. Hopefully, this issue will be past us in a few years Mr/Mrs. President.


Adesoji T.