amyahm California

Gun Control

stricter gun control laws

Dear future president, 

My name is Amyah. I am a student at Berkeley high school in Berkeley,CA. An issue I really care about is gun control in the U.S. and that there should be stricter gun control laws.  

I am concerned because it is to easy for people with criminal backgrounds to get a gun. Too many people die everyday from gun violence because anybody can get a gun. The number of deaths by gun is higher than any other wealthy nation in the world.I think this matters because the amount of gun violence can go down if there are stricter laws on gun control. Since you are going to be leading our country, I believe you and the other people you are working with in congress, should pass a law in the United States that people should have to go through background checks before having access to a gun.  


Amyah Molina