Jordan S Arizona

Women deserve respect

Women's rights are important and the president should show respect to all women.

Dear Next President:

While you’re in the office of the white house I want you to know a really important issue to me which is Women’s rights because in the old days, Women were treated unfairly and called mean names to them.

My Mother’s Father was the senator (I think) of Oklahoma and he was concerned about Women’s rights so he gave many speeches to give both genders equal rights! Now Women are allowed to vote, go to school, do anything. I am proud of my Grandpa for standing up to Women even though he is a man.

One of the Democratic candidates for president is a woman named Hillary Clinton and she is running against a lot of other candidates, but one of the sinister candidates who calls women bad names. I read at that the sinister republican cadidate said bad things against women.Some people even support him but I think he doesn’t want to give respect to women.I think picking on a certain gender is wrong because if they don’t pick on the other gender then the women would be like they’re treated unfairly which is very rude!

This an important issue to me and I want equal rights for every gender. Both Women and Men should be treated equally. If my Mother’s Father heard about that the president gives equal rights to both genders, he would think his job was a success and that congress should make a law that everyone should be equal!


Jordan S


Civano Middle School

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