Ulysses California

Stop immigration

You sould read this because it is about immigration

Dear Future President,

I would like you to know about the immigration that you guys are trying to do I would say that is not fair that some people are going to be able to stay and some are. Also because the people that do not have papers might have kids that do have papers and the dad or the mom will have to live and the kid goin to have to stay. Also right here in the us they came to work for food also for a better life and why are they you guys trying to kick them out if they are making money for you and they are paying taxes to pay your pocie.

Also you what to know what is happening right now they are trying to send the all the immigrants back to their own country because they do not have papers to be in the us. Also people that do not have papers are trying to get some so they can stay.

So if it is possible please do so the the kid of the people that do not have papers will not have to live their kid alone in the u.s with people the little kids do not know please make a change for the people that do not have papers to have a better live in the u.s without being bothered

By,                                                                                                                                                                           Ulysses Santin Alvarado