Treyton Iowa

Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is not safe for anybody on the road.

Dear President,

I think texting while driving is dumb because if you really need to send a text you can either have somebody else in the car that is not behind the wheel text, or they should stop, pull over and text. There is really no point in people just knowing there is a better chance that they will crash. If somebody is texting while driving there is a twenty percent greater chance added on to the normal chance of you crashing when you are in a car. One out of five people text while driving. That means out of every fifteen people you meet on the road, three are texting while driving.

When you think about it everybody that is driving on the road could be affected. The person that is texting might not be the only one to be affected, the person passing them would be to because if they turn and crash into you, you are affected too. We can avoid texting while driving. We should make the law that police can pull over anyone for texting while driving stricter. I think the reason people feel the need to text while driving is either because they want to text their friends back or to send a message that is necessary and it is something somebody needs to know.


Treyton De Ruyter