Rachel S. Iowa

The Land of Opportunity

Allow children to live up to their full potential.

Dear Future President,

Children are the future of the United States. If we didn’t have children, our country would not exist. How can anyone believe that legal abortion is acceptable? It is not just a moral issue; it is a scientific fact that life begins at conception. Princeton University, an Ivy League research school, defines fertilization as the point that human life begins. How can America be called the land of opportunity if hundreds of thousands of children are legally murdered each year? Abortion denies the most basic opportunity: life.

If you want to save this country, make abortions illegal. No argument for abortion is valid except if the mother’s life is endangered, which is very rare. 98% of abortions are done for convenience to the mother. It is not acceptable to end a life because a woman feels it would be more convenient for her. Almost every woman who wants an abortion decided that they were responsible enough to have sex; therefore, they should be responsible enough to have that child, whether they decide to raise it or not. There are hundreds of thousands of loving people waiting to adopt to match the hundreds of thousands of babies that are aborted each year. A country that allows the legal murder of innocent children is not a “land of opportunity”.

Many make the argument that abortions should be allowed for women who have been victims of rape or incest. Have they even thought about asking women, who have become pregnant as a result of these terrible crimes, what they feel? A study done by a non-profit organization, The Elliot Institute, did just that. Their results found that 78% of women who had abortions after sexual assault regretted their decision and said that abortion only added to their emotional damage. Most of these women felt pressured into getting an abortion by others and felt they did not have a choice in the matter. These women are insulted that society assumes that they are terrible people to want to give birth to a rapist’s baby. This country needs to stop making the assumption that killing a baby is ever a way to help heal the victim of sexual assault. Make this country a true land of opportunity and give victims of sexual assault the opportunity to choose life for their child without being questioned by society.

I am asking you to defend life in our country in anyway possible. How can this country survive when it denies the most basic opportunity to its citizens? Please work to make abortion illegal in our nation and give every child an equal opportunity to live up to their full potential.


Rachel S.