J.G. Iowa

Black Lives Matter

We need to treat all the people living in the United States equally, especially African Americans.

Dear Future President,

Today we have a major issue, and it deals with African American People. We are not treating African Americans like they matter. This issue is recognized by “Black Lives Matter.” We need to treat all people the same, because more or less we are people, we just have a different skin color.

By this issue African Americans are being affected because they are not being treated fairly. They are being killed by cops for being accused that they committed a crime. That isn’t ok. We don’t do that for white people, we bring them to court. That is what we should do for them.

This issue is affecting our whole country, but it’s targeting African Americans. We are choosing to be racist. We are treating them badly for the reason that they have different color skin. That is extremely wrong. We are living in a democracy where there are equal rights, so we should be treated equal too. We as a country need to come together by loving each other as you would love your family and youself. We should treat our neighbors like ourselves.

Today, in America, about 13% of our population is African-American. We live in a diverse population. We are living in this great world as whites, but if you think about it for colored people, they are living in a huge fear that they will be shot on the street. So with this issue, we should welcome African Americans into our country. They are here for a better life, and our country offers that. We should help these innocent people get there.

Some African-Americans are being killed because it is assumed they committed a crime. Instead of the police taking them to a jury, they just kill them. We should bring them to a jury, just like we would do for whites. This is why we have equal rights. We think it’s so bad when a white is killed. It is, but why don’t we react like that when a African American is killed? There is no difference between us besides the color of our skin.

We have already fought to end this problem once, so why isn’t it better yet? We need to stop all violence in this country, and protect our rights as Americans.



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