Justin L. California

Gun Control In the US

There is a gun show loophole in the US, and criminals can take advantage of it.

Dear Future President,

I’m writing to you concerning the issue of gun control in the US. Gun control is a problem because no background checks are taken in public and private gun show sales, and assault rifles and high capacity magazines are available for sale. According to Pew Research survey, of 83% of all adults and 79% of all gun owners in the US who were polled, the majority (74%) agreed that background checks should be done in private and gun show sales. 56% of all adults agree to ban assault rifles, and 53% approve of high capacity magazine bans. I urge you to reduce murders and mass murders by making it a requirement to undergo a background check before buying a gun in a private or public gun show, ban high capacity rounds, and eliminate assault rifles.

What is the point of owning assault rifles? Assault rifles are fully automatic, and people don’t need them. They usually use semi-automatic rifles for hunting or self defense. Assault weapons are different from assault rifles. Assault weapons include semi-automatic weapons, pistols, and fully automatic weapons. Assault rifles specifically, include fully automatic rifles that allow high capacity magazines. According to a poll from Gallup, the majority of Americans use their guns in three purposes: Crime protection(67%), target shooting(66%), and hunting (58%).Since hunting with a fully automatic would be unnecessary and target shooting with these guns aren’t used much, it would be reasonable to ban these guns. 

The final thing that should be changed, that I find to be the most important, is background checks in private and public gun show sales. This means that anyone (possible terrorists, the mentally ill, people on the crime watch list, etc.) can get away with buying a gun and deliberately harming people. For example, according to a news article called Hake murder trial: Day 2 – ‘Nobody in their right mind shoots their wife’, a 50 year old man who claims to be mental and has 6 counts of first-degree murder managed to buy a gun without receiving a background and check fatally shot his wife. I encourage you to reduce murders and mass murders by making it a requirement to undergo a background check before buying a gun in a private or public gun show.

In conclusion, these changes won’t be major, but every step to reduce gun violence in the US will still save lives. There is no reason not to have background checks in all types of gun show sales.Please consider this and make a change to save innocent lives in our great country. This is all I ask and I thank you for listening to my concerns. 


Justin Loi

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