Carrie F. Missouri

Dear Future President,

This is my opinion of some of the things spoken about.

Dear Future President,

Many times young people are told that the elections do not concern them, but they do.  You are going to change the nation and what you change we are left with so please do not sink us.  Here are a few worries that not only I have, but I have noticed many of my friends have.

First thing that we have talked about is abortion, I think that abortion should be legal and I thinks so for a good reason.  Many people think of grown women getting abortion and that it is evil but I have met people who I can say, were not full grown women.  In this world we have children as young as 9 years old getting pregnant, from rape and abuse.  Then you have rape victims, who carry this child that will only remind them of a traumatic event.  Not only should we think of the parents but also the children.  I myself was left by a parent and can say, it hurts.  Thoughts of self worth are very common, so to let this child survive but then give them up for adoption can harm a child's mental health.  Lastly, it doesn't matter if this is legal or not, abortions will happen.  Before abortion was legal in the US women would go and get basically butchered, many women died trying to illegally get abortion.  If we ban abortion then this vicious and deadly dead will occur once more.

Next thing I have to worry about is LGBT rights.  This concerns me because I have heard Trump say he would try and take away marriage rights for the LGBT community.  If Trump is the one to go into office please reconsider, I have heard excuses for it but this is still a human right.

Last thing I wish to mention is terrorism.  This is a true threat to our country and even when election are not occurring is a subject even middle schoolers find themselves talking about.  We need a stable and ready plan A, B, C, D and so on.  This is not an easy fight but it is not a impossible one.  

Best hopes,

Carolyn Fitzgerald