Nate S. Connecticut

Second Amendment Showdown

Many leftist politicians want to take away our right to bear arms in an attempt to end gun violence. This won't work. The second amendment is guaranteed to Americans and no one can take that away. If we make guns criminal, only criminals will have guns.

Dear Future President,

We are in an era in which gun violence continues to grow and many far-left politicians want to eliminate the second amendment. I ask you to do whatever is in your power to present legislators from gunning down the right to bear arms in our country. This is a guaranteed right, given to United States citizens by our forefathers, and one that if taken away, would be extremely damaging to the safety of the American people. It amazes me that this idea has even been proposed, as the statistics in support of the second amendment are utterly significant. Please look at the data I provide you with, and decide what the smart decision is.

The numbers are simply deceptive. According to Everytown Research, on average, 91 Americans are “killed by guns” every day. Many people would assume these deaths are homicides, however using other data collected by the same organization, it’s clear that suicides are a minority of this total. Out of these 91 killed, 33 of these are homicides, while the other 61 would be suicides. These estimates are not hard facts, but instead logical approximates using the 2015 data claiming that there are about 12,000 homicides every year while suicide accounts for 64% of gun deaths. While it is exceedingly unfortunate that suicide is such a common thing, taking away the second amendment won’t prevent these people from ending their lives another way. These statistics bring to light many false beliefs revolving around gun deaths.

Another side to look at is one that is overlooked by many Americans in support of further gun control. While many leftist politicians choose to believe more gun-free zones would decrease the number of mass shootings, the opposite is true. The Crime Prevention Research Center works against biased sources attempting to hide the truth, a common theme in modern media. They found that 96% of mass shootings occurred in said zones since January of 1998, very comparable to the 98% that have occurred in these areas since 1950. But numbers don’t always get the point across, so I’ll be very straight forward. As the president of the United States of America, you have a duty to protect your citizens no matter the cost. Repealing the second amendment will directly contradict this responsibility. The U.S. already has very extensive background checks for purchasing firearms, but taking guns away is a deadly mistake. The background checks have already forced criminals to revert to purchasing gun illegally, so they will continue to do so after this. Law-abiding citizens would be left defenseless.

So Mr/Mrs. President, I plead with you to consider the safety of the people you swear to protect, do not repeal the second amendment. It will bring more chaos to our country which is already in a downward spiral. The thought of the ban of public guns has many citizens scared and concerned, causing gun sales to shoot up over the past year. It’s horrific in a time when government corruption is a major problem, and those corrupt politicians are gaining more and more control. Thank you very much for your valuable time, I just have one question to leave you with. Taking away our right to bear arms will greatly harm this country, so do you want to be remembered for weakening America?


Nathan Schultz

Lewis S. Mills High School

Advanced Composition

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