Alissa F. California

A Woman's Choice

Unless you're the one laying on a bed for hours while your body writhes in pain as you push an 8 pound baby out of your vagina, then you don't get to tell women what they are and are not allowed to do with their bodies.

Dear Future President, 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I feel strongly that abortions are something that all women should have access to. Unfortunately, many people feel the need to judge women who choose to have an abortion, when in fact, that is not their place to judge. Unless you're the one carrying a fetus inside of you for 9 months, getting sick every morning, struggling to complete daily tasks, then you don't get an opinion. Unless you're the one that is giving up your body to an unborn child, you don't get a say. Unless you're the one laying on a bed for hours while your body writhes in pain as you push an 8 pound baby out of your vagina, then you don't get to tell a woman what she is and is not allowed to do with her body. Having an abortion is a serious decision, but ultimately it should be a woman's choice. If you are pregnant, then you and you alone should make the decision of whether or not to have an abortion. You, Future President, can help by making abortions more accessible to women across the country.

Every year, thousands of women - whether it be young teenagers or mature adults - are faced with unwanted pregnancies. These can result from not using proper birth control, condom deficiencies, and even rape. Sometimes, keeping the baby simply isn't in the best interest of the mother or the child. And this is not to say that all unplanned pregnancies should be aborted. This is to say that every woman should have the option. They should have a choice. Because sometimes, continuing on with the pregnancy just isn't the right thing to do.

According to the Huffington Post, it can cost upwards of $300,000 to raise a child. Many women, especially teenagers, don't have the financial stability to properly care for a child. When women are given no other choice but to have their babies, it can leave both vulnerable, not being able to afford food, shelter, clothing, medicine, insurance and much more. That's why it's important that abortion is something that all women have access to. Isn't it better to abort a small cluster of cells than to bring a child into the world where you can't provide for them?

Not only does pregnancy and childbirth affect the mother financially, it also greatly affects the mother's future. Having a baby can bring your life to a complete halt. "Only 40% of teen mothers finish high school, and less than 2% finish college by age 30" ( Just because these girls got pregnant doesn't make them "irresponsible sluts". They're human, and they have dreams. They may have had dreams to become doctors, to become professors, to change the world. But sadly, an unplanned pregnancy can end these dreams. Without the time, money or resources, it is unlikely that teen moms will be able to pursue a higher education, or make their way in the business world. With the option of abortion, these girls will be able to safely terminate a pregnancy and continue on with their lives, becoming educated and making the world a better place.

I'm sure that by this point in the letter, some of you are seething with anger. Some of you probably view abortion as a cruel practice; the "murder of unborn children". But it is important to remember that before 25 weeks, the fetus is not considered viable, meaning it could not survive outside of the womb. So when an abortion occurs before 25 weeks, you are not ending the life of a baby, you are simply removing a cluster of cells. Abortions occurring after 25 weeks are a whole separate story that I am not discussing here. I'm also aware that many people believe that if a woman gets pregnant than she was being "irresponsible" and she deserves to pay the price for her actions. Please note that when a woman gets pregnant it can often result from birth control malfunctions or sexual assault, which are certainly not her fault.

After reading this letter, I hope that you understand more about why it's important that all women have access to safe abortions. Unless it’s your body, then you don't have the right to judge a woman's choice. Although terminating a pregnancy may not be the right choice for everyone, having access to a safe abortion can help those struggling with unplanned pregnancies. Sadly, many women don't have access to abortions. But, we can change that. We can start by passing a bill that requires health care insurance to cover abortion. This simple act will make abortion more accessible to millions of women. Now, it's up to you. You have the power to give these women a choice: a choice about their bodies, a choice about their futures. Use your power for good. Make the right choice.



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