Emily M. Missouri

Are you IN ON Pro-life?

Don't exclude babies for concerns on personal lives. They are blessings not something for you to throw away when you're having tough times.

      Dear president,

 I am stating why i am pro-life,i tend to believe that abortion is considered  as murder. There are more options, than to giving up on a baby with no fault.          


35 percent of teens have an abortion due to age, educational, and financial reasons.Teens may choose to have an abortion because they have concerns about how having a baby would derail important personal goals for example, completing their education, They worry about the financial responsibilities associated with parenthood, or not being mature enough to raise a baby. Tell me this, how can teens be too young to raise a baby, but not too young to be doing things that can risk the chance of all of your goals to be done. You are responsible for your own actions, if you were mature enough to have sex without protecting yourself then you can be mature enough to raise the baby developing in you. She was too ignorant to see the damage she was doing to her baby, she was too worried about finishing school and pleasing her boyfriend who insisted on having an abortion. She is afraid that everything will be over for her if she had the baby.

Sitting there in regret, the girl began to cry, wondering why. As a young teenage girl she doesn't know what to do, thinking was it really worth a try? 16 year old and pregnant, nothing but fear crosses her mind. All she wants is to be happy with him, but he just keeps insisting on Abortion. Babies feel pain. According to the article "Do Fetuses Feel Pain?"  by Sara G. Miller, Staff Writer says "Utah recently passed a law that requires doctors to give anesthesia to a fetus prior to performing an abortion that occurs at 20 weeks of gestation or later ,The law assumes that a fetus may be able to feel pain at that stage in development; however, doctors groups and other critics of the law argue that a fetus cannot feel pain at 20 weeks gestational age." . Basically Sara G. Miller is saying that in Utah they allow fetuses to feel pain at the development stage, 

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