John Missouri


Immigration is going too far and something must be done about it soon.


 Dear Future President,                                                                                                  

I find a problem with how undocumented immigrants are able to "use social programs such as schools and hospitals that are being paid for by American taxpayers." according to Shierholz.  They are using resources paid for by Americans, yet they do not have to pay a cent into it. They are taking away space in hospitals and schools, which causes the government more money because the immigrants are not paying into it, adding more to the twenty trillion in debt that we are already facing. 

Not only are they using social programs for free, but also taking jobs that would otherwise go to Am erican workers. Some of the immigrants are even getting paid more for working. These companies are allowing it, though, because most immigrants, if not all,  are willing to work for less. The companies benefit because they get to make even more money, which is the only thing they really care about.  Overall, it is not benefiting the economy.

What i don't understand about this problem is that immigrants have been getting away with this for a long time, but only now is something being done about it, or at least being talked about. Perhaps something could be set in place where a higher ranking authority could restrict immigrants from doing some of these things, especially with them getting social security.

A lot of immigrants are also coming here when they are far past their working years and receive social security. This is kinda ridiculous, because they are not working or contributing to society, just pulling in social security every month and doing nothing else. I think that an act should be put into effect that you cannot pull social security unless you are legal, have had prior working experiences, and have been a legal citizen for a certain amount of years. Some immigrant communities actually have a high crime rate. They are adding more problems to society that what we already have. If they are to commit a crime and they are put into any jail or prison, they causing the government and American taxpayers to spend more money on housing and feeding them.


                                                                                                                                 A High School Student