Ninous California

Great Country, Great People

Our Immigration, Our Strength

Dear President,

Children are coming to the United States from their own country due to the amount of suffering and violence. They need to receive help to get a better life and future for their family. In their own country they do not have freedom like we have here. Immigrants suffer through a lot, they face many challenges while coming to the United States. They come to the United States to have freedom and a better future because they know in their own countries they would not have a good future.

I believe president it's your responsibility for you to take action on this subject. There are many people who need a better life for their family and you should help these families by giving them legal papers.  Many children have been orphaned, many have also lost their parents in the war. You should help them and make the immigration process faster and easier because there are so many who are waiting approximately five to ten years for a family member. I know a family that has been waiting for their father to come to the United States legally. He has been waiting for a Visa and the process has taken more than two years, when it should only take approximately eight months. Please make the immigration process faster, so that people will not lose their hope and be prevented from accomplishing their dreams over a simple thing.  

Most Respectfully,