Natalie Michigan

Violent Crimes

This letter is about violence and danger.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

 Hello my name is Natalie ,and I think Murdering has become a big issue in the last decade murdering has increased by 10.8%. This is becoming a big problem, because innocent people are being murdered for no reason. In believe that murdering is becoming a big problem for humankind.

First thing that’s causing mass murdering is drugs,what type of drug? Well according Tranquilizers and psychiatric (SSRI) drugs have increased the chances of the person to commit murder. According Scientist have found out that mass murders have suffered from mental heath issues from autism to head injuries with psychological can lead to violence. Most mass murderers have committed suicide after they had murdered innocent people. This is because they don't want to confess what they had done and why they did it.

According to people are committing murder is so that they can be with the person they love. This can lead to men and women killing their kids and or their husband/wife. It can also mean that adults will kill others to get the woman/man they both love. This has become a big problem that most adults can’t stop because they are too afraid to get in between two girls fighting over a man. If I were an adult I would let the girl/boy have the person they love to themselves I would rather live and have a happy life then die trying to win over a boy/girl.

We can easily solve murdering problems by taking away assault weapons and military weapons. We can also take away the right to own a weapon from those who are known to murder. We can also take away SSRI drug unless needed for medical conditions, we could also get people to help those who suffer from autism and mental health issues and even head injuries this could lower the person's want of murder to get back at someone for something. To solve Love murder we would need the federal government to get more specific marriage laws. All of these problems can be solved one way or another.