Cristian M. Missouri

"Chuckles the Clown" who's laughing now?

This letter is about clowns terrorizing innocent people and threatening us and our family.I think these clowns should be stopped because they will do anything to our family to get what they want.

Dear President,

My name is Cristian Meza and I do not  know who is  going to be the next president but I do know he/she is going to be a great leader.As you can see there has been threats from people dressed as clowns and I think this is a huge deal.

These clowns are terrorizing kids and innocent people that do no harm to our community and I think Kansas City Missouri Police Department  should start dealing with this situation. The police department of every city should do a crime watch through neighborhoods because some of these clowns know where we live. This makes me think this because in the internet there has been clown sightings mostly everywhere and I worry for the safety of my family and my school.Another reason this makes me think this is that my neighborhood might be in really big danger if the police can not  make time to monitor and protect our neighborhood.The people or victims say there has been attempts in the clowns trying to take away our children,family members ,or even friends there has been interviews of people that have seen clowns and have been threatened in social media.I say we should put a stop to these clowns and stand up.

Killer clowns just put frowns on little kids and scare them off.Killer clowns take the queens crowns they are not nice anymore so no more clowning around or you will be digged on the ground they are everywhere these clowns need to be stopped or else they will take our children and never give them back and we will be sad and really mad so please put a stop to these clowns and let's go scare them off our town.

Respectfully yours,


Frontier STEM High School


The best first block class in the world. Yessir!!!

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