Tyson C. Missouri

The American School System

This is a letter about what I feel could be better within the school system

The American School system has hit a decline I feel since President Obama's second term, for starters, The Common Core System has made school feel less encouraging and individualized, it forces a sense of uniform among students and forces the same subject to be taught over and over again. However, by eliminating the common core we could have schools feel more individualized and new. Now I understand that some topics need to be used as building blocks to deepen the mind's grasp on the subject, but frankly, I'm tired of learning clauses and pronouns. We need to advance the program, we need more advance classes, more sponsored activities, we need more individualization, and we need more freedom.

Secondly, I feel like college, something crucial to the success of Americans today, should be free. College should be free because having a degree can make or break your future, without a degree it's hard to get a job (other than blue-collar work), since student loans plague 70% of Americans we should have free college which could lead to a higher economic status, lower unemployment rates, and a better society.

Finally, we need to establish the old food company and rules from 2006 where the food was good and enough to fill you up for the rest of the day, since OPAA came to our district the quality and quantity has decreased, by restoring the old company the food should increase in both of the above categories.