Miguel R. Missouri

Fetus Deletus, did you laugh? Well you should not, abortion is no joke.

People thing abortion is bad, on the other hand some think it is good, what are your thoughts?

            Dear M.President,

       I am a 9th grader who has become interested in the elections this year, I have a question about abortion. 

          Some people say they feel upset when women decide to abort, why would the rest of the people say it does not matter or they do not care? Some people say it does not matter or they do not care is because they have not looked to far into the question, or they have not had to help decide or have had to decide about it before. Some people do not care because their family friends have not had to choose between life or death of an unborn child. So if they have never gone through that stressful decision making they can not make a choice, even if it's a simple yet complicated yes or no question. To sum it all up, people, well some, do not have the mindset to make such an important decision.


She stood there in shock,

In the the restroom looking at the clock.

She thought the world would end,

With a pregnancy test in her hand.

On the pregnancy test, it had to lines,

Those lines meant she was giving birth to a life.

She didn't know if she should tell or lie..

The man she one had sex with for one night,

Will not take part of the child's life.

She doesn't know if she should kill or keep the baby,

All that she knows is a maybe.

She decided to tell her parents about the mistake she made,

The parents are mad and excited about the baby on the way.

Over time the women heard about this trend online,

She wanted to know why.

She looked at 2 people having sex all frantically,

But she had noticed the girl wasn't moving, pathetically.

She realized the girl was knocked out.

She looked at the girl's face,

It was her she has been a victim of rape.

She couldn't believe it,

What she has gone through.

Her life got worse after seeing the video,

Ever since that her life has gone down, like a broken yo-yo.

She decided to get an abortion a few days later,

She struggled to make the decision, she thought everyone would hate her.

After a couple minutes the baby was no more,

Like the raven, the baby was nevermore.

Don't Abort Use a condom, or More

According to abortionno.org, a website dedicated to stop abortion, “Over 56 million unborn children have been killed, more than the entire population of a country” also according to abortionno.org, “Abortion damages relationships. may women who abort just to convince the guy to stay with them find that they are left alone anyway, shortly after the abortion. Abortion is never the answer to a successful and loving relationship”

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