Jaylin New Jersey

Why does Cancer Treatment Cost So Much?

We can all change the world to help cancer patients. Let´s change the world for everyone.

Dear Future President,

Hey, how are ya? I´ve seen you have one the election. First,of all I just want to say congratulations to you for becoming president of the world, but before you start your first day at work I would like to send you a big message that can change a lot of people lives and worries. Did you know that people with cancer pay 10,000 to 45,000 dollars a month. That´s way to much to handle especially when you are dying from a deadly disease. So as the new and improved president you can make a big changes in this world. Instead of making the world worse than you can make it better. I´m not the only person who cares about the rising of cancer treatment. Oncologists worry about rising the price of cancer treatment also. Let me tell you some ways that we can change this care. We can change this increasing problem by decreasing the amount and keeping that amount as it is. I think cancer treatment should range from 300 dollars to 400 dollars a year. Keeping this schedule could be what patients have been waiting for. Let me ask you this quick question. How would you feel if you were or had a friend that couldn't afford the cancer drugs and they were fighting for their lives? What would you do if you were the president and you had a chance to change your or your friend´s lives by  decreasing the amount of the cancer drugs. So how about you think about it. We can all change the world and save lives together. As the new president you can change the entire world. -Jaylin