ChrisDilone1 Massachusetts



Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

It is me Christopher Dilone. We have a problem here on immigration. The problem that we have is that people/the government are always thinking bad about immigrants. When a person is new to the U.S and is an immigrant they automatically have a low amount of opportunities in America. For example, let's say that person wants to go to college and they graduate high school. They can't get any student loans to get into college and they have to pay for everything on their own. Another example, is that they don't have as many job opportunities as a citizen does. They are very limited to what the laws lets them do. They basically don't get equal rights which brings up another problem. Immigrants don't really have any rights, and one of those rights that are taking away from them is the right to vote. The right to give their opinion on who they think should be the next president.

One way that this issue has an impact in my community is that there are a good amount of people that immigrated from different countries all over the world and they came to America for a better future. But the problem is that they are limited to what they can do in the U.S. That right there is already an issue once they step foot on American soil. But in order for them to get the full rights to do things, they have to go through a waiting process to go get a citizenship and you have to get tested to see if you have any diseases then get tested even more and just it is such a long process just to become a citizen.

My position on this issue is that a better way to have the immigration policy handled is by having a more efficient way of getting a citizenship and just letting immigrants have more freedom and help give them a push because they came here for one thing only. For a better future.

Our next president should focus on this because they need to know better ways for immigrants to get a citizenship and how to just give them more freedom or a little bit of help on getting a better future in the U.S.