Erin V. Massachusetts

Safety of the US

There has been a lot of threats in the US and we need to do something.

Dear future President,

There is a big problem with the safety of the U.S. Terrorism is happening more and it is harming people and even some animals in our community. Completely innocent people are getting killed and the we have to do something about it has to do something to stop it.

First of all, there has been many different attacks in the past 15-16 years including the horrible attack of September 11th. According to the article, “Lone-Wolf Terrorism is a Growing Threat,” it quotes “Most significant domestic terrorism threat in the next five years will be "lone wolf" terrorists.” People are going out to get weapons by themselves to hurt people. People being treated unfairly like this makes the U.S. feel so much more unwelcoming. When there is a “lone-wolf” terrorising, people might want to even move away! For the safety of their kids, pets, and even their own self. According to the article, the threats will be over the next five years. It's already been one year since that article has been written! We have to stop it before anything else bad can happen. Also, in the article, “Terrorism Is a Threat to World Peace” it quotes, “America faces a range of terrorist threats, including those from foreign terrorist organizations, homegrown radicals, cyberterrorists, and active shooters.” That is not safe at all. Sometimes people from other countries are doing the harm to us. They might feel like we did something wrong, bad, or they just want to do something terrible to the U.S. The next president needs to do something about this.

Not only are people by themselves in the US trying to harm us, other countries are. In the article, “Iran Is a Threat to World Peace,” We have even been getting threats that could harm us from other countries. Not only does that feel unwelcoming, but it is very unsafe. The article quotes, “Just as 30 years ago, Iran's security chiefs knew about the bombings in Beirut that killed 241 American marines and 58 French paratroopers.” Totally innocent americans are getting harmed and it isn't as safe as it use to be here. If we are getting threats from other countries we can always fight back… but we don’t always need to. The article quotes, “Today's FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] is a threat-focused, intelligence-driven organization. Every FBI professional understands that preventing the key threats facing our nation means constantly striving to be more efficient and more effective.” All this means is that when we get threats we just need to focus on how to stop it. It may not even be that bad for our safety, the threats probably won’t happen if we just focus on how to stop it.

Aside from all the bad things happening, some threats might just be misunderstood. According to the article, “Iran Is Not a Threat to World Peace” it quotes "Iran poses absolutely no threat to the world or the region. In fact, in ideals as well as in actual practice,” People think that the threats were fake. The article also said that having the weapons that Iran had to threaten us, they had nothing against their security. Meanwhile, the threats might have been towards America, but not necessarily FOR America.What that means is that threats might be for other countries too not just us. But we do still need to be careful of what could happen to us for safety reasons.

To conclude, after reading about all these articles plus more, I believe that there is a big problem with the safety of the U.S and we need to do something about it. Even if the threats might not be towards us sometimes, there are many threats that are still towards us. Also people that live in our country can harm us. Like the “Lone Wolf” threats that we have gotten. This is why we should do something about it quickly so it won’t get any worse.

In the end, I hope you can take some of your time to read this and please think about it. It could be harmful and make people feel very unsafe. We wrote these because of how we feel about our country, and sometimes it's not the perfect place. Thank you for your time and good luck with becoming the next president if the United States


Erin V.

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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