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Police Brutality

Police Brutality

The world we know now is falling in a deep dark void. The world we once knew was tranquil, & peaceful. We had no worries because we had 100% trust in the police that they will protect our nation from crime and violence. But reality hit when we saw the true violent nature of police brutality. I can no longer claim that the police are good people. I can say that some act upon situations that they feel that they should act upon to protect themselves and act on how they feel about the situations that they are put in. Its inevitable that police are killing innocent citizens, but are harming our nation in a way that we no longer feel safe. 

We should realize that we're all human; we speak different tongues but our hearts beat the same. We all make mistakes, yet we all do whats right when we feel like its the right thing to do.  For example, I've talked to several peers/teachers  about what they feel about the police and some answers were negative. "They think they are above  the law, because the way they act towards citizens are unjustified." "They are truly a menace to society." "The people who have been trained to protect and serve us, have been causing the most destruction." 

 Our trust in the police has been broken. No longer is our nation safe from the destruction they are causing to our city. If it weren't for the people causing crimes, then the police won't be able to do their jobs. Future president, I feel like this topic is highly needed to be attentive of. Since the police is in power, there should be a change in the enforcers  in our city. We need to feel safe from violence, not seeing violence from the people who we thought were our heroes. We don't want to see police killing people out of high authority, or power, or hatred. If this don't end, then humanity will be lost in this dark void, & this will continue to be a cycle throughout history.