KaylaL Kentucky

Problems in America that should be stopped.

Dear Future President, Hello my name is Kayla and i’m here to talk about a few things that I think should be brought to your attention. A few I have on mind are -Marijuana -Age to smoke -Children rights -The Homeless Those are the ones I think are the most important. Marijuana should be illegal unless you need it to help a sickness. Marijuana can be very dangerous if the wrong people get a hold of it. Smoking in the U.S has went down but it can go up during the years. I think you should be allowed to start smoking when you are at least 24. It will allow teens to focus on school and not have the feeling to crave a cigarette. Children’s rights are a big one because most children have good ideas to help solve world problems and they should be able to have a voice and spread their idea. Lastly the Homeless, the homeless have been getting out of control. The homeless have less places to stay. What would help this problem is making small homes around for them. That is all I have. Thank you for taking your time to read my letter. Sincerely, Kayla L.