Roberto New York

Broken cops

The justice system isn't wrong the cops are.

Name:Roberto lujan

9th Grade ELA

Dear future president,

The biggest issue facing America today is the untrust of police within the states. I don’t mean however the criminal justice system itself but the broken cops within the ranks. I believe the system does it’s job well but people no longer trust it thanks to a lot of examples made by bad cops.

Did you know that one reason people don’t trust cops and why cop’s do these things is because they feel as if they won’t have any consequences at the end of it, they believe they are the law and that it doesn’t apply to them. Here is one example made by a cop who just joined the police force who said this to the reporter “ And because cops are rarely held accountable for their actions, they didn’t think too hard about the consequences” said in article “Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are”. To stop the problem with broken cops you have to scare them into not wanting to do it. For example arresting them publically or firing them if they are racist.

In addition I believe we can stop or at least lower the chance of racist cops by doing extreme background checks for any and all racism that wasn’t fixed or resolved.said here in article “the truth behind police brutality” it says this “‘I remember meeting a cop one day while in office who was talking about his childhood and how he use to pick on the black kids.” said by a a desk worker within the precinct.

This issue is important to me because I see criminals being caught by cops i believe they are not all bad. I remember i day i went to the park with my mom and little sister i believe it was central. A cop was being harassed by about three to four teenagers putting their phones to his face being offensive and instigating him into anger. The cop wasn’t even doing anything but eating and walking before they ran up to him. This isn’t right and it needs to be fixed.

One solution to this issue is we should do background checks when the officers are in training for racial background and see if they will come up with a reasonable excuse.

Another solution is to strike fear within the officers that are profiling.they believe they can get away with this because there are no consequences to fix this we should have serious repercussions for example public humiliation or fines also with loss of jobs.

In the future i hope we can fix broken cops and finally trust our enforcers as the people who defend as once again. I want my kids to appreciate them not be scared of them. I want people to stop harassing them and then maybe then we can actually slow down the crime rate efficiently.

Sincerely,Roberto lujan