Jazalynn California

Don't Hold It In

The safest choice for both genders is a gender neutral bathroom.

Dear next President,

 The legalization of gay marriage in all fifty states was a huge accomplishment to the LGBTQ community. There is still an injustice for the transgender people in your country. The word “transgender” is an umbrella term used for a person who identifies as the opposite gender. Even if society has accepted the progression of the LGBTQ, transgender people often choose the bathroom that would be the safest choice for people to accept. They do this because they are afraid of people’s opinions.

About two years ago, my cousin came out as a transgender female. This meant that society sees her as a male, while she identified as a female. As we would go to public restrooms, she would begin to make excuses to not go in the women’s restroom with me. For example, she would always state that she wouldn’t have to use the restroom, although we both just finished drinking an extra large soda. I soon realized the reason behind everything. It was because she was scared that people would ridicule her for going in the women’s restroom.

So I began to conduct my research. Recently, U.S. District Magistrate Judge Jeffery Glibert, wrote that high school students aren’t forced to share a bathroom/or locker room with a transgender person based off of their constitutional rights. Don’t transgender people have constitutional rights too? Are they not normal people? Transgender people deserve to be treated like humans.

Are you willing to go against what the majority wants? Will people go to the bathroom based off of the picture on the door? Or will a person be able to go to the bathroom without the fear of judgement? The simple answer is gender neutral bathrooms. Will you be able to further the progress made by Obama for the LGBTQ community? Now, I know that this country isn’t all about the LGBTQ community, but I know that this country deserves more equality. Please President, I want my cousin and anyone else in her situation to be able to go the bathroom without any hesitation.