Emery L. Shull Alabama

Reasonable gun control

My opinion on gun rights in the USA and how they could be changed or made better.

Dear Mr/Mrs. Future President,

          The 2nd Amendment has always been a hot topic for debate, quite loudly in some cases. Many arguments can be made for both sides, whether against or for gun rights. I personally think we should be allowed to have guns, but to have stricter control and make it harder to get one, not just criminals and the like, but for everyone. For instance, you could increase the waiting period to get guns or be more aggressive in background checks. Currently, federal law includes several loopholes which gun dealers can use to legally sale guns without carrying out the due diligence of a background check on a person or persons buying a gun, as well as multiple studies showing that if you own a gun, you are more likely to use it on yourself or others, than for protection. There are many more problems with gun safety and control than what I've stated and I believe that as a country, we should  all work to keep citizens safe, so that instances like Sandy Hook and more recently, Oregon, never happen again. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Emery S