Alixandra L. Missouri

Health Insurance

Families can't afford Health Insurance.

Dear Future President,

The article, “ You Only Think You're Covered,” explains that 30% of privately insured Americans have received a surprise medical bill in the past two years with the health plan paying less than expected. From those statistics, 64% took action to resolve the bill 28% were satisfied how it was resolved and 35% didn’t take action because it wouldn’t make a difference.

My opinion is that a lot of adults struggle with health insurance especially when they have kids. It’s too expensive and they say they will cover all these things but when the time comes to use the insurance they have an excuse not to help you with the situation. For example the article, “You Only Think You're Covered,” shows the struggle of a family that thought they had the coverage for what they needed and didn’t get told until after they went through with it.

Affordable and reliable health insurance matters because everyone needs it. We need some kind of insurance so that we know that we can live normal lives and enjoy ourselves without worrying about the unexpected bills that we can not afford. So in my opinion we need to find a way to make health insurance more affordable for the ones that can’t pay the amount asked for and for the insurance to stick to what they say and not stick us with unexpected bills. If something comes up they need to let us know ahead of time to let us figure out what we need to do.


Alixandra L.