Camilo M. Florida

Immigration reform

As a concern resident of Sunny Isles who used to be a an immigrant, I wanted to ask for a more flexible immigration reform who offered jobs temporally, to immigrants who are looking to advance in life and help their families, of course only until the immigration papers are done or until an estimated amount of time. I'm asking for this in particular because I have experienced this desperation first handed, so I known how important is to find a job to maintain a family being an immigrant and how difficult is.

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 White House.

RE: Immigration reform.

Dear future president,

I am a resident of Sunny Isles, Florida, 17900 North Bay Rd, and I am writing because illegal immigration is a tough problem in communities of our country. Young and old come to our nation in search of the American Dream, but many of the immigrants that came for such dreams had come to experience discrimination, racism, etc. Immigrants are looking for the same thing as most Americans, so why discriminate if they are just looking for a better future? Immigrants should have the right to be legalized or at least give them a flexible permit to work legally until they finish their immigration paperwork.

My family came to the U.S to look for a better future for me. They want me to finish school and have a career. When we first came here it wasn't easy for us, because we didn't had the same privileges as U.S citizens, like finding a job so easily; my mother had to go through challenges to get there. She was lucky enough to find a job to provide for me and her. My mother is hard working just like most immigrants who come here to provide for their families. I don't see why it bothers so many people, as they're are not doing anything wrong except wanting to succeed.

Giving immigrants refuge in our country will benefit us because they cannot stay here for free. They have to buy a home or rent an apartment, etc. Then, they pay sales tax and if they had legal status, then they would also pay income and federal taxes. Immigrants help our economy just by being here. Imagine how much more they can help us if they were legal citizens.

As a young, concerned citizen of Sunny Isles, I agree that Being an immigrant can be a obstacle to achieving what we want and need, so please take into consideration supporting a path to legalization for all immigrants.

Specifically, I am writing to ask you to promote permits for immigrants to work legally in our communities. These Immigrants should not have to face discrimination because of their status or color. They deserve to have the same treatment as everybody else in the country. They come here to live a better life, and to give their children a better life and more opportunities than they had. Their children do not deserve to witness their parents face the problems they face because of their status. I know that I for one, speaking as a person who used to be an immigrant and concerned citizen, I know that many immigrants and US citizens would gain considerably from this program.

Thank you for considering this matter.


Camilo Moran