Jacqueline W. Missouri


Immigration is becoming an issue in America.

October 27, 2016

Dear Future President,

      Immigration is becoming an issue in America. Immigration is beginning to cause problems to American education systems and there doesn't seem to be enough money to go around. Focusing on ways to control immigration should be one of the top priorities. Making sure that any immigrant that comes to America has some sort of higher level education and that we have the money to support them would help to make a big difference.

      A major problem with immigration is the way that it affects American education systems. According to "The Atlantic: The Immigrants Challenge" by David Frum, "Approximately 1/4 of immigrants arrive with high formal educational qualifications: a college degree or more.". That number should be much higher than just 1/4. That means that the other 3/4 are coming over with little or no education and that causes other Americans to suffer. It's understandable that they want to come to America to be free and have more opportunities with a better life, but they must prove that they're serious about being here. If they're coming here with no education, then that just shows that they're not as serious as they say.

     Think about this: "Only 1/3 of immigrants arrive with less than a high school education". (Frum). That is absolutely mind blowing. Adult immigrants should at least have a high school diploma if they expect to make it to America. If the government is going to allow immigrants to come to America, they must be well educated. They should be allowed to come to America but only if they are willing to help out.

       Most immigrants that come to America with the least amount of education are dependent on American government assistance. According to "The Atlantic: The Immigrants Challenge", m"Those immigrant groups that arrive with the most education are, unsurprisingly, the least likely to require government assistance." (Frum). If immigrants are coming over to America, they shouldn't be relying on the government. They're not supposed to be here for assistance. They're coming here to have freedom and to better their lives. If America allows this to happen, it won't be long until America is overrun by unemployed, uneducated immigrants.

       Immigration does have its issues, but it also can be good for America. Immigrants allows us to have diversity. When immigrants arrive here, they bring their culture and traditions. Immigrants also help by doing the little jobs for bigger corporations. "Owners no longer have to pay highly skilled workers to perform basic tasks" says Adam Davidson in the article "The New York Times: Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S Economy?". This allows the immigrants to have jobs while the corporations save money.

        Immigration is most definitely becoming an issue. America already has money problems and issues with the education system. No other problems really need to be added to that. Americans should focus on the problems in their own country before they try to fix other countries. How can you fix somebody else when you're broken yourself? America is becoming a mess because they won't focus on the problems here. Fixing immigration is just a small step, but could make a big difference. 


                                                                 Jacqueline W.