Peyton B. Michigan

Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving is a big problem that is destroying people's families and friends and affecting their lives.

Dear, Next President

I think that whichever one of you wins the election I think you will do great things for our country. But I have some ideas to go through with you and see if you agree with me then it could help a lot for the people. There needs to be more done about drunk driving because most of the drunk drivers don’t get caught and are endangering lots of people's lives. Drunk drivers ruin peoples lives and hurt people's, family and friends.

My example is from the article Emotional Cost of Drunk Driving by the DUI Foundation “Losing a loved one due to another person’s negligence causes strong emotions, especially anger. Sometimes, a person experiences violent thoughts or considers doing things that are out of character.” This is showing how people could go on rampages because they don’t get that they can’t stop it. People go through stages of denial, anger, and depression. It makes people feel as though they could have stopped it from happening but the drunk driver did it to the family. I've had a friend whose dad died in a drunk driving accident and he still hasn’t really gotten over it he crys almost everyday and night because he misses him so much. And I’m pretty sure that everyone feels the same as him they miss their loved ones.

Another side would be some people don’t feel as though it is a really big problem. Not many accidents happen from it even though the penalty is kind of low. Also most people don’t see the problem because its never happened to them or someone they know. Like if they knew how it felt to have someone killed in their families then they would know the pain.

I think my points stand pretty strong and I would like for you to take in consideration about how you could change the rules like to have a breathalyzer in each car and it won’t let you drive if you are over 0.5%. Or if you are leaving like a bar late at night then you should have to check if you are good to drive or not. These things would save lots of lives and stop many people from feeling what no one should ever feel.

From, Peyton V      

Avondale High School

Avondale High School

Honors English 10

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