Cj M. Ohio

Gun Control laws

We need to stop all the killing and try to stop people from carrying guns and stop all the crimes that involve guns.

Dear future president,

I am writing you today because gun control laws need to change. To many people are dying from guns and it needs to stop. Over 31,000 people die every year from guns! If we don’t do something, they will keep doing what they are doing and more people will die. 31,000 is a lot of people and we need to try to bring that down a little. This impacts me, because well, I hate watching the news, and hearing and there were gunshots in this part of town.

To many younger kids are dying by guns and they are our future, so that is not good at all. “We believe common-sense solutions can help decrease the escalating epidemic of gun violence that kills too many of our children and loved ones everyday" (Moms demand action for gun for gun sense in america). If you look at how many kids, have died by playing with guns, and like all the school shooting why did they happen because we had guns and they are very dangerous. People don’t see how dangerous guns can be like we have kids these days thinking it’s cool to post on social media of guns in their hands saying things that someday they will regret. The reason it’s a problem is because well no kid should have gun especially a loaded gun.

31,000 people die from guns every year, that is way too many it is not all kids, it’s just people killing each other. We have kids doing all these and what they don’t realize that if they don’t pay the dealer what they want then there will be a problem because you don’t know what they will do after they don’t get their money. “A woman who was also in the vehicle said she and Hofmann had tried to buy marijuana from 25-year-old Lannon Lavar Burdunice of Minneapolis. She said Burdunice tried to take $40 from the victim at gunpoint and then shot him”(Jennie Lissarrague).  This is an example of what might happen to kids because no matter how you look at it, anything has already happened to other kids which I bet if they could they would change their mind.

If you buy a gun no matter what you should have to have a background check to see if you have done anything good or bad in your past. I’ve never done anything bad in my life why should I have to do a background check. If you were a criminal in your past how do we know you won’t want to do something bad with the gun we would sell you. The way I look at it yes I understand it will be hard to get rid of guns but the most important thing is we cut that death rate by a lot because they are killing people too much. Everybody makes mistakes but sooner or later you will have to take responsibility for what you have done and try to make up for it. In conclusion I want to try to cut the death rate of guns down and make the world a better place and make it so we can stop worrying about if our kid and family are okay. My last thing is I don’t want the younger kids to grow up and witness people dying from guns. This is why I wrote this is to protect the men, women, and children in this world.

From CJ 

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