Dale A. California

The Situation with Police

Police Violence, Punishment, Ideas, Better Relations

Dear Future President,

First off, congratulations on winning the presidency. I hope you do well as our leader of this nation and make this country better somehow. However, in order to do this, it brings up an important subject I would like to address. I am extremely concerned about our justice system and how they handle certain events. I do not know where all this police violence started from, however it appears that the actions of our protection services have received negative views with their recent actions. Many of the citizens of America see the police force as a very defective force because of the innocent killed by a few inadequate policemen. This worsened due to media persuading many people that the police in America are like another street gang, a very violent powerful street gang. Not only that, but I hear the inadequate policemen were never really punished severely unless they did the same thing again multiple times.

Nevertheless, I understand the position the police are in. The policemen that are absolutely trying their best at their job and being friendly as they can are growing more afraid for themselves. People are threatening the police and this just puts more stress on the police themselves which when trying to deal with a situation, most of our police force are already jumpy trying to watch out for their fellow police officer or for themselves. I also hear that the police are underfunded and undermanned which I suppose makes the situation worse for them. All of these feelings after some bad apples in the bunch doing despicable actions against the people they are sworn to protect. However, I have a few ideas that could possible make the situation better.

Starting off as a disclaimer, you do not need to follow this list, but take it as friendly advice. First off, let the police and the citizens of America interact with each other in a positive way. An example would be holding an event together in an area like a large park or what not. I think that could be a great way to start fixing things. Second off, the police force themselves need more funding and men right? Start telling the people we need more police officers and fund the police as well to the best of your abilities. However, I would also like to address that the police do not need military technology, this just makes the police look more threatening. Just fund them more police things than military gear so the people of America will not think Marshall law is occurring. Also, give the police counseling, the job is stressful enough and maybe a counselor would help. Lastly, to bring this discussion to a close, punish the police that did the citizens of America wrong. If it was a accident and there was proof it was, then punish them only by a minor degree while the policemen that did their crime on purpose, punish them heavily. Anyways, I think that is all I have to say. Good luck on your presidency.