Alisha H. Virginia

Immigrants Need a Chance in America

Illegal immigrants come to America to start a better life and they should be able to do that because they are looking for an escape from poverty, a chance to get better jobs, and an opportunity to take care of their families.

Dear President Hillary Clinton,

Hillary Clinton, I’m so glad you are now the president because you have all the right qualifications for the president position. I think our country is in need for a change and that change is a woman to be the chief in commander. Immigration has been a question everybody has been trying to answer, and I think we agree on the correct answer. Illegal immigrants should have a chance to get a better life and welcoming them to America will help the economy, they will decrease the unemployment rate, and they will show that America is the a bright light for their growing future.

Immigrants that come to America look for a better economy to get away from their impoverished countries. I believe that you see what I see, that immigrants don’t crush the economy, they make it better than it is. Illegal immigrants don’t plan on coming to the United States to ruin everything that we have, they come to create better lives for their families and their own self.

Immigrants decrease the unemployment rate more and more each year, and we should welcome them into our country easier. Hillary, I want people to have the best life they could live, and I believe that America is their chance to improve upon the troubles of their countries. Illegal immigrants wouldn’t come here illegally if they had a easier way to get here. Building a wall will only cause more problems with Mexico and embracing the immigrants that come here will only create alliances and not enemies.

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, should give a better chance to troubled people that are looking for a better life and better economy to live in. Although some illegal immigrants come here to sell drugs or do illegal acts, but not all undocumented aliens come here to do that. Some of them come here to expand there future and get better wages.

You are the best choice for the president because you have experience with politics and you make the right choices for the people. Immigrants should be able to come here easier because I know you can help them become an amazing American citizen. You are the best change this nation needs and everyone should know that. Take note that this country is diverse and we shouldn’t take that away, we should keep the tradition going.



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